Review – Caren

EP: Caren EP
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Genre: Folk

Folk singer-songwriter Caren released her anticipated debut, self-titled EP this month and we can’t get enough of it. With influences such as Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Feist, and Kathleen Edwards, Caren’s new music brings her folk roots to new heights with producer Devon Lougheed (Hey Ocean, Altered By Mom, Smashing Satellites, Bad Pop). The new EP is an exploration of the highs and lows of modern romance.

The EP opens with her single “Teach Me,” a vulnerable, heartfelt number that takes the listener through an emotional journey of the turning point of a relationship. “Come Back” follows with a rock-tinged, driving melody. Its pleading chorus and descriptive lyrics paint the picture of uncertain love.

The next track, “Berlin,” which we premiered a few months ago, is distinctly different than the rest of the EP but fits in perfectly with the vibe of the music. Starting out as an acoustic tune for its premiere, it’s exciting to see how this song has evolved and changed in the EP. Caren’s vocals float atop dreamy production elements, opening up with the vulnerability the rest of the songs were leading up to. “Concrete Eyes” is my personal favourite as its longing lyrics urges the listener to get lost in a sincere and impassioned tune.

“Luckiest” closes the EP with a softer melody, leaving the listener on an optimistic note.

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