Review – Mark Martyre

Album: Rivers
Release Date: October 20, 2017
Genre: Folk

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mark Martyre is dazzling with his fifth release, Rivers. A winding, wistful, deeply poetic take on regret and disillusion, Martyre delights with the smokiness of his vocals and sheer mastery of lyricism.

Opening track “Come Lie Beside Me, Dear” draws back the curtain on the 10-track album, a bedtime story swathed in music. While the gruffness of Martyre’s vocals are singular in a way that listeners will either adore or turn away from, pure zeal and craftsmanship bleeds from every chord, love for music evident in every line—and that’s enough to draw in even the hardest-hearted audience.

Late-album “(I Think) We Might Be Okay” dips even further into gentleness, each track a slow, lulling progression, perfect for rainy autumn nights. While too sleepy for those seeking a thrill, listeners looking to be soothed will long to swaddle themselves in the entirety of Rivers.

Soft, warm, and irresistibly charismatic, Rivers is perfect for any listener seeking solace.

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