Review – Lydia Persaud

EP: Low Light
Release Date: October 20
Genre: Folk Soul

Toronto’s own Lydia Persaud is set to release her debut EP, Low Light, on October 20. Exquisite vocals accompanied by an ever-so-soft melody, a folk meets soft soul masterpiece, sure to entice and excite listeners.

Starting off Low Light is “Turning In” – a melodic song about love and heartbreak. Blessing us with the voice of an angel, Persaud’s lyrical composition only add to the beauty. Accompanied by soft guitar tones, this gentle tune hits you right in the heart.

“Low Light”, the single off of Low Light is a peppier tune, while still staying with the folk-soul love song vibe. Reminiscent of Gabrielle Aplin, in the sense of the sweet romantic vibe given off by such mellow, harmonious vocal accompanied, again by such an elegantly composed guitar track.

The third song off of Low Light is “Everything” – an alluring slow jam, full of emotion. Listeners can hear the heartbreak, and sorrow Persaud’s vocals. An apologetic tune delivered unapologetically, practically perfect.

Last but not least is “Changed” – another strong vocal performance by Persaud, about changing for someone, and reflecting upon the journey. Lyrically, and composition wise, moving and impactful – Persaud surely delivers.

Coming to us from Dwayne Gretzy and The O’Pears, Persaud draws her past experiences to bring listeners a creative spin on a classic style. Low Lights is full of beautifully composed pieces – sure to pull on listeners heartstrings and leave them wanting more.

She will be playing a release show in Toronto at The Burdock on October 25.

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