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Photo Credit: Alex Evans

From growing up in her mother’s Afro-Caribbean dance studio in Edmonton to becoming a serious choreographer & performer based in Toronto, Kapri is living a living a true Canadian dream for so many artists. Having recently signed with Universal Music Canada, the video for Kapri’s debut single “Deeper” sees her sticking close to her Trinidad and Tobago roots in her look, her style and, of course, her dance moves.

You do a bit of it all; dancing, writing and, of course, singing! Where did it all start for you?

My love for music and performing began at a very early age. After school, the school bus would drop me off downtown to my mom’s dance studio, where I’d watch her and the dancers carry out their rehearsals. I was constantly surrounded by creatives so singing, dancing and creating was a part of my every day.

In this modern age, Spotify is huge for newer artists and your single “Deeper” has been popping up all over the place (including topping the Canadian Spotify Viral Chart for four weeks in a row). If you could get on a curated playlist of any artist, who would it be?

I would definitely love to see Beyoncé jamming to ‘Deeper’ as she gets ready for her day. The song has been getting a great response across different age groups so it can be a family affair in the Carter house. Go Blue!

Delving back a little further with your growing up the daughter of a single mother. Do you think this motivated you differently to really go after what you love and work even harder to “make it”?

I watched my mom really hustle to make sure I had the best upbringing possible so from a very young age I learned the importance of hard work. Single parents are often faced with many challenges but for her, she never gave up on the ideas she believed in and she always followed through. Watching her as a single parent and as a business owner is what really upped my drive.

I dare anyone with a pulse not to be tempted to get up and bust a move watching your video for “Deeper”! What was your favourite part in the creation process for that?

My favourite part of the creative process was being able to create a visual that is a true representation of my world. From the cultural references, my interactions with friends, the inclusion of underground dance culture and the snips of personality these were all themes we wanted to highlight within that 4mins.  The fact that you could feel the authenticity is what I appreciated the most.

Speaking of the video, it premiered on fashionmagazine.comand you certainly don’t lack outfits changes throughout. Had fashion always been a big part of your life?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with fashion. I’ve always loved playing around with colours, textures and looks to fit my current mood. The music video is no different.

What can we expect from you in the next year? A full album, touring?

I am really looking forward to releasing more singles. I plan to stay in the studio and hopefully collaborate with more artists over the next year.

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