Review – SC Mira

EP: Keep Crawling
Release Date: September 28, 2017
Genre: Heavy Folk Alternative Rock

Winnipeg’s own SC Mira released their EP Keep Crawling on September 28. This three track EP is quirky and jagged alt-rock that is sure to get listeners bopping along. The variety within the three songs gives a glimpse as to just what SC Mira can do – from the abstract voice with unique tones to the mellow – all while exciting beat creates a relaxing vibe and leaves listeners with the feelings of wonder.

Keep Crawling starts off with “Free”, a feel good, bubbly tune, or so it seems. The steady beat and almost spoken lyrics combined with the subtle beat give off happy-go-lucky vibes, but when listening to the lyrics, this tune delivers quite the message of freedom – the glory of one’s own control over their body and their actions. A really interesting way to present such a message, SC Mira are definitely a creative bunch

“Mexico”, the single released for this EP is steady, upbeat, and a little more folk-derived. Lyrically, and vocally strong and intricate. It feels full of drive – it made me feel motivated. The versatility within this song alone shows the talent SC Mira possesses. Easy to listen to, easy to get stuck in your head – listeners will be hooked.

Wrapping up Keep Crawling is “Breaking My Skin”, another beautifully composed, catchy tune. Vocals on this track take the stage, while another softer soundtrack keeps a consistent beat. This style really allows lead vocalist, Sadye Cage’s voice to shine and is complimented well by the quirky tones.

Overall, Keep Crawling is the perfect combination of quirky and classic –  every alt. rock lovers dream. Lyrically complex, relaxing vibes, interesting soundtracks. Each song from the EP has something to offer, sure to keep listeners hooked.

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