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Coming to us from what has, at times, been called the “coldest place on the planet”, Sweet Alibi couldn’t provide a warmer sound. The harmonies, the blend of the backing musicians, the powerful connection shared through their songwriting make this trio the definition of authentic that music fans crave.

You go all the way back to 2009 when the three of you got together! What would you say has changed the most since starting back then to now?

So many things have changed since we started (for the better), but I would say the thing we changed the most would be our socks.

Your most recent album Walking in the Dark takes us up, down and all around when it comes to letting us into who you are, not only as musicians but as humans. Was there ever hesitation in terms of just how much of YOU to share in your songs?

Not really. It would be weird to share less of ourselves or our experiences. The song “Walking in the Dark” comes from one of the most difficult times in Amber’s life. It’s about her mom passing away, and her lyrics express how lost she felt after that experience.

Are there any tracks on the newest album that still get to your emotions when performing them live?

I would say that all the songs still make us feel emotions, whether they’re happy or sad, or excited. The song “Walking in the Dark” will never be easy to play without feeling extra emotional, but I think that’s a good thing. That means it means something.

Those harmonies are the some of the tightest & smoothest I’ve heard in a long time. Are there any particular groups that inspired that sound when you started out? Any that continue to inspire to this day?

When we started out I would say some groups that inspired us were The Be Good Tanyas, Chic Gamine, and Feist, and I would say that they continue to inspire us (Fiest’s new album is awesome).

You’ve had the chance to travel across the country numerous times for shows and festival appearances. What makes your hometown of Winnipeg so special that you’ve never left for bigger pastures?

The awesome music community is a good reason to stay in Winnipeg. Everywhere we travel to, there’s always someone who knows a band they love from Winnipeg.

Having been featured on as one of the “6 Canadian Artists You Need to Have on Your Radar RN”, what do you think it is about you that draws new fans in and keeps long-timers coming back for more?

I think we engage with our live audience, and make connections with individual people who come to shows. I think that’s why we have people coming back for more. As for drawing new fans, we’ve been pretty lucky to have the support of media outlets such as CBC, CKUA, Flare Magazine, etc, so people have a chance to hear our music and learn about us.

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