Country artist Ryan Cook launches new Indigogo campaign

For those on the East Coast, Ryan Cook has become a staple in the country music scene all across the Maritimes and also in Ontario.  His classic country vibes are refreshing when compared to modern pop-country that has made a surgence in the music industry.

After a long 4 year wait, we now have time to rejoice as Ryan has a new album set to release in November 2017.  Along with that, Ryan has launched an Indigogo campaign to help cover the recording costs. Check it out HERE.

“While it’s true no one held me at knife point to make this album I did make a promise that I’d put out a new record in the Fall of 2017. Faced with a number of setbacks along the way, (too many to list here) I decided to go ahead and fund the entire project myself (not advisable) and that’s why I could really use your help now 🙂 🙂 🙂 Believe it or not, there’s still more money to be spent (it seems to never end, in a not ideal way) including pressing, packaging, marketing, and a handful of folks patiently awaiting pay for work they’ve already done. What I’m hoping to raise is about half of what I will spend in total Having a Great Time (Get it!?) ;)”.

Ryan has already funded $5000 of his $7900 goal, with 18 days to go.  Although all the campaign items are really neat, If you have $5000 laying around, you can buy a “whatever you want with Ryan”… that in no way could ever become awkward. 😉

Good luck on getting your full funding Ryan, we here at Canadian Beats are rooting for you!

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