IN PHOTOS – Jasper Sloan Yip, Jesse Speed & Skye Wallace in Montreal

Who: Jesse Speed / Jasper Sloan Yip / Skye Wallace
When: October 14th, 2017
Where: The BOG, Montreal, QC

An open door next to a mattress store, you go up some stairs, down a hall, and down some metallic stairs led by a red light, right into a basement. Getting to the BOG in Montreal is an adventure in itself, but the venue is a true gem of the underground nightlife. A small but captivated audience gathered there last night for an evening of folk.

Montreal-based Jesse Speed opened the show with his acoustic guitar, alternating between heartfelt songs and great storytelling (including tales of the St Henri neighbourhood, stories about his friends and jokes about his armpits).

Then came Jasper Sloan Yip. Straight out of Vancouver, Jasper announced that this was his first show ever in Montreal. He then showed the audience his many talents, alternating from guitar to piano, and from dreamy folk to more rock tunes with a space echo twist that left everyone wanting more.

Skye Wallace was next on the stage. The alternative folk powerhouse radiated with energy and charm. Jasper and Skye performed a few songs together, and it is undeniable that the mix of their voices let out a certain vibe that to the dreaminess of the lyrics they sang.

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