IN PHOTOS – Holy Roller Revue – October 12, 2017

What: The Holy Roller Revue
Who: The Honky Tonk Dilettantes, Marin Patenaude, The Wayward Hearts, Lydia Hol
Where: Fox Cabaret, Vancouver
When: October 12, 2017

Last Thursday, Bradley Damsgaard put on his monthly musical showcase, The Holy Roller Revue down at the Fox Cabaret on Main Street. His band, The Wayward Hearts, play hosts to the evening and were joined by three other awesome local bands this time around.

First up were The Honky-Tonk Dilettantes with special guest Jimmy Roy on the lap steel guitar, Jimmy is a true legend of the Vancouver music scene and has a storied career including playing at the famous Grande Ole Opry and with big names around the world. This gang of Cowboys and Cowgirls get down to some old-time country bluegrass that has your toes tapping and puts a big smile on your face!

Next on stage was Marin Patenaude, Marin is a fantastic singer, songwriter, and guitar player and she was joined by some pretty amazing musicians too including Peggy Lee who is a killer cellist! Check out Marin’s hit Tall Thin Man in a Black Cheyenne.

The Wayward Hearts were the third band to play that night and the crew of six played their asses off as usual! The leader of the band Bradley is joined up front by vocalist Sarah Irwin and Violinist Emily Anne, all three have a chemistry up there that is so much fun to watch and listen to.

Last up was Lydia Hol, Lydia is a talented young folk artist who has a beautiful voice and some great music to go along with it. She was accompanied by four other very talented musicians who were all wearing suits which created a cool vibe that fit the music perfectly!

The Holy Roller Revue is a monthly evening of Canadian musical talent and it’s a ton of fun, come check it out next month! For more photos from this showcase, head to our Facebook page!

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