Review – A Fellow Ship

Album: The Black Sheep
Release Date: October 1, 2017
Genre: Pop-Jazz

The soulful pop-jazz EP, The Black Sheep from A Fellow Ship is such a great little introduction to the band.  The songs are very well built with a great infusion of jazzy trumpet into the songs with guitars, mandolin, piano, bass and drums.

Such a big band with a lot of great potential here!  Seriously! When I say big band, I don’t mean just sound wise, I mean size wise as well.  Normally a regular mainstream band now is day is 4 or 5 members, A Fellow Ship consists of 7 very talented artists.

Joe Dent: Guitar and Lead Vocals
Forest Van Winkle: Lead Vocals
Jack Stone: Guitar/Mandolin/Vocals
Teddy Liptay: Piano
Tristan Schultz: Bass
Ryan Johnston: Drums
Austin Jones: Trumpet

For an EP, this album is VERY well put together.  The Black Sheep title single is, like every other song, nailed right on the head with its production.  There is not one instrument or vocal that is overpowered by another, which is really challenging when you have so many instruments and so many people.  It is beautifully blended and very catchy.  Listening to the songs make you want to get out of your seats and dance.  I can see these guys on a big stage at a jazz festival blowing everyone away with their talent.

This album is definitely a pick up if you like jazz, or if you want to pick up some great new music to add to your eclectic library.

Well done A Fellow Ship, well done!

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