IN PHOTOS – Gunner & Smith in Guelph

Who: Gunner & Smith, Greg Denton Probable Cause Trio
When: October 12, 2017
Where: The Cornerstone, Guelph, ON

Geoff Smith, frontman for alt-country Gunner & Smith performed a great solo set featuring some his newly released album Byzantium at The Cornerstone in Guelph. He was supported by 6 local musicians who made up The Greg Denton Probable Cause Trio. Greg Denton on guitar and vocals, Jen Rafter on vocals, Ben Alles on banjo, Jamey Rosen on keyboards, Minnie Heart on bass and Jeff Bird on harmonica.

The Greg Denton Probable Cause Trio:

Gunner & Smith:

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Connect with Gunner & Smith:

Connect with The Greg Denton Probable Cause Trio:

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