Review – Patrick Ballantyne

Album: Calendar
Release Date: October 13, 2017
Genre: Americana

Hit-maker for Big Sugar, The Trews, and Tim Chaisson— Patrick Ballantyne— is commanding audiences this October with his third full-length album, Calendar. Masterfully produced, performed, and composed, Ballantyne compiles different genres and weaves them into a tapestry connected by his clear-cut approach to songwriting.

Early-album track “The Look of You Gone” adopts an endearingly folksy atmosphere without delving into far into the genre of Folk, its toe-tapping rhythm sweeping listeners away on the slow tide of Ballantyne’s storytelling. While perhaps too easygoing for those looking for a fast-paced tune, “The Look of You Gone” nails that idle easy-listening vibe, and is cozy enough to make audiences want to nestle into it.

While song “Someone You Should Know” ramps up the pace, Ballantyne’s mellow vocals still seemingly slow the tempo. Harmonica riffs and lively percussion upgrade the track to a go-to dance-along, and that feel-good ambience permeates this and the remainder of the tracks on the album.

Simplistic, straight-shooting, and brimming with Ballantyne’s experience as an artist, Calendar is perfect for these upcoming winter days.

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