Canadian Beats Passport – IN PHOTOS – A Day To Remember

Who: A Day To Remember
When: October 11, 2017
Where: The Rebel, Toronto ON

After taking a month break from the craziness that is concert photography, I dived right into my first gig of the month, and I’m SO happy it was A Day To Remember.  Before they even took the stage the crowd was already pushing the barriers near the stage, which is already a sign that the show is going to be killer. Once they came on, everyone went insane! The band brought back a lot of nostalgic feelings for me and kicked ass while doing so. With their catchy lyrics and hard rock sound, they did not disappoint! I feel extremely privileged to have been able to cover one of my lifelong favourites! They show amazing showmanship and aren’t afraid to bring out the beach balls, smoke machines, toilet paper and confetti. This was definitely A Day To Remember!

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