Review – Weaves

Album: Wide Open
Release Date: October 6, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Indie

Bright, exciting and energized after their Polaris Prize-nominated debut; Weaves are back with their second full-length album, Wide Open.

Wide Open continues the band’s exploration into the outer limits of art-pop and takes us to places we didn’t think possible.  Although opening track “#53” forcefully brings us back to the wild and free Weaves, there is an experimentation into the blues world in the second track “Slicked.”  Without taking us away from the spirit of the band, “Slicked” feels like it belongs on your local hockey team’s warm-up mix; following any given track by the Black Keys.

Through thought-provoking lyrics, songs like “Law and Panda” take full advantage of the band’s platform to speak out and make the listener think while they’re immersed in the fun of the record.  In “Scream”, lead singer Jasmyn Burke trades vocals with guest Tanya Tagaq in a song that spotlights the objectification of women through a rolling craziness that perfectly mirrors the female experience.

And yet, through the sprawling excitement, Weaves makes time for introspection.  The title track, “Wide Open”, provides a softer, gentler side to the band’s musicianship through a very pure psychedelic rock experience that would feel at home on the b-side of a classic Pink Floyd album.  But never get too comfortable with the slow, thoughtful Weaves!  “Puddle”, with its sweet acoustic opening establishing a song about loss and love, transitions into the sweet, exciting Weaves that are making waves across Canada and beyond.

If their powerhouse of a debut record wasn’t enough to prove Weaves is a forced to be reckoned with, Wide Open ensures the band is here to stay; wild and free as they choose to be.

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