Oh Geronimo releases video for “No More Stones”

Burlington, ON-based band, Oh Geronimo have released their first single/ video from their upcoming album, The Sled. The single is entitled “No More Stones” and is about interpersonal strain. When asked about the track, the band states,

“We’ve been playing together in various projects for a while now and we are very close friends. We just don’t get to let loose and ‘hang out’ as much as we would like, so tension can easily build between us. I think it’s easy to take things personal when you are working on a collaborative creative project.”

“It’s like when someone doesn’t agree with or like your idea(s), it’s easy to be hurt because music happens to be so personal and spiritual. No More Stones is inspired by these little feuds/conflicts that neither party is willing to resolve. We’ve all probably wanted to rip each other’s heads off at times, but it all goes away once we play a wicked show or something. We remember why we love making art together.”

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