Review – Walk Off The Earth

EP: Taekwondo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release Date: September 18, 2017
Genre: Pop

Walk Off The Earth released a six-track EP Taekwondo, to accompany their newly released short film “Taekwondo”. The band’s fun and fresh vibes make the short and sweet EP fill the room.

Title track “Taekwondo” kicks off the album – a mellow jam with hints of reggae, sure to have listeners moving and grooving along. Lyrically, the song is fun and combined with the tempo and style changes, it brings a little bit of something for the lover of every genre. Reggae, R&B, pop with a hint of rock and jazziness. “Taekwondo” also finished up the album, in an acoustic rendition. This time female vocals taking the lead, a softer version of the same fun-loving hit. Amazing to experience how one song can be made to sound so differently, Walk Off The Earth creates a fun atmosphere all around with their first hit on the album.

Pulling out the W.O.T.E style in their version of Mungo Jerry’s “In The Summertime”, this feel-good easy breezy summer anthem blend together perfectly with the rest of the album. Keeping with the same reggae meets pop mix, W.O.T.E makes listeners feel at ease. Jazzy and spunky, the cool beats and smooth vocals make this a tune you can’t stop listening to – definitely doing the song justice.

Next up is Walk Off The Earth’s cover of “The Power”, originally by Snap. And what a powerhouse it is too. Focusing on the R&B/ jazzy side of the bands dynamic sound, the vocal melodies combined with the hip-hop like beat create an aura like no other. Again, doing the original song justice – while making it completely unique and utterly W.O.T.E.

Next up, W.O.T.E covers Silk’s “Freak Me” – a sultry, sexy tune. Completed with sensual vocals and a seductive beat, the R&B track is sure to make intrigue listeners. A lover’s anthem, Walk Off The Earth will make listeners feel the passion behind the tune. From the deep vocals of the intro to the sweet whispers, the cover of “Freak Me” screams sultry love affair.

Straying away from the R&B side of things comes the final song off of Taekwondo, Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. Breaking vocals away from the beat in a staggered kind of style gives the tune drama, before breaking into rock madness. A different style for W.O.T.E, all while still being authentic to themselves, meeting halfway between the classic Rock n’ Roll/ heavy metal vibe of Iron Maiden and bringing it into the realm of R&B and pop. Definitely slaying the cover of a metal classic.

Overall, Walk Off The Earth gives listeners exactly what they needed. From R&B to metal to acoustic love ballads, they do not disappoint. A truly talented group, doing these original songs more than justice in their covers!

Watch their newly released short film here!

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