Review – Plan 37

Album: Say Goodbye
Release Date: September 18, 2017
Genre: Punk Rock

Plan 37 released Say Goodbye on September 18, 2017. The album consists of 13 sweet punk rock must-haves, sure to have anyone listening headbanging along. The transitions between songs is seamless, all blending together to create one kick-ass debut album.

Note: every song on Say Goodbye is punk genius, and there is no better way to describe it.

Kicking off the album is “Already Here” – the quick-paced guitar, raspy vocals and stellar lyrics and beat make this tune scream teenage angst in the best way. Although a relatively short tune, it is packed full of punky goodness. Leaving us wanting more, Plan 37 has us hooked.

If even possible, Plan 37 kicks it up a notch with “Me & U Pt II”. From the first note to the very last, this tune will have punk rock virgins and hardcore fans alike going wild. Back with the thick guitar tones, catchy lyrics and the deep, husky vocals – “Me & U Pt II” is sure to become a must-have in any punk rockers arsenal. Stuck in your head from the first listen, Plan 37 has created another punk jam, sure to please the masses.

“Suburban Outfitter” plays more into the rock realm on Plan 37. Another sure-fire hit from the talented group of punk rockers, “Suburban Outfitter” is anthemic – all about growing up (and growing old) and the disastrous feeling it can bring on. Straying from the typical hoarseness of the vocals, and into a more heavier rock vibe makes this tune stand out, while still staying true to the punkness of Plan 37.

“Two Feet & A Heartbeat” is a song as catchy as its title. A heartfelt ballad gone punk – listeners can certainly feel the artistry behind the dynamic sound. Slowing it down, ever so slightly, brings a different vibe to the song – making this tune another sure-to-be punk classic.

Wrapping up the album is the title track “Say Goodbye” – it is seven minutes of pure punk brilliance. Interluded with moments of miss-takes, “Say Goodbye” really gives listeners a sense of who Plan 37 is. Not many can pull off such a quirky style of song, but it is a perfect fit for the ending of an epic album.

Say Goodbye is full of angsty, gritty goodness – each song bringing something different to the table, all while flowing together to create an outstanding, purely punk masterpiece.

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