Review – Bill Jr Jr

EP: The Motions
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Indie

Drawing from the melancholic, slow-swaying vibe of the mega-popular Indie group, Broken Social Scene, East Vancouver-based Bill Jr Jr. puts a husky spin on the genre. A four-piece band, the group weaves the sultriness of trumpets, hollow baritone guitars, and mellow bass lines into a take on the Indie genre that is at once hypnotically catchy and wholly unique.

Their upcoming EP, The Motions, opens with “The Fool”— the sensual, slow-beating heart of the EP, both drawing the curtain back on the rest of the five tracks and announcing to listeners exactly what they should be expecting from the remainder of the songs. While the tracks vary in tempo, that atmospheric, vocal harmony-based vibe lingers. The result? A masterful EP that manages to encompass a range of cadences, emotions, instruments, and thresholds of lyricism without losing its originality and vision.

Late track “To Unfurl” amps up the ambience to the next level, opting this time for the affected and melancholic. The strains of the trumpet—a well-utilized instrument, always interlacing through the tracks with precision—lend it an air of grief. Evocative and fine-tuned, it is the epitome of music for music’s sake, while still luring in a mainstream audience with its versatility.

The Motions is set to hit stands soon; be sure to keep an eye out for this dazzling EP.

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