Review – Bend Sinister

EP: The Other Way
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Genre: Rock ‘n Roll/ Pop

Vancouver’s own Bend Sinister released their newest EP The Other Way on Friday. Funky and fun, each song off the EP stands out from the others, making them all unique – while still blending together to create a free-flowing but cohesive album.

“Moving A Little Slower” begins as a soft, and simplistic tune – with a melodic piano and peaceful vocals before kicking into soulful pop. Picking up pace as the song carries on, it gains a bluesy aspect. A feel-good tune, listeners will be bopping and toe-tapping along. Unforgettable lyrics and a groovy beat, “Moving A  Little Slower” definitely shows just how dynamic Bend Sinister truly is.

The second track off of The Other Way is “Get Along”. The vocal harmonies in this song blend together seamlessly with harmonies and the jazzy beat. Nonchalant yet bursting at the seams with passion, listeners can again, find themselves grooving along. The catchy chorus and toe-tapping beat create a nice, light tune – perfect for cranking the volume and getting lost in the song!

“Walk The Other Way” brings out the indie rock side of Bend Sinister. A word that comes to mind when listening to this track is “snazzy” – its cool, all while being quirky. A peaceful song, perfect for any mood. Sure to get stuck in heads of anyone who gives the tune a listen, “Walk The Other Way” has an anthem sort of feeling behind it.  A quality hit with great lyrics, a funky beat and packed full of talent – sure to keep listeners coming back for more.

“Run” is where rock meets Bend Sinister and gives us awesome! Full of attitude and spunk, the spicy song shows us a different, and desirable side of Bend Sinister that we didn’t know they had. Nitty and gritty – while still giving us the familiar jazzy backbeat we’ve come to know. Masterful in execution, style and spunkiness, “Run” will surely get listeners hyped up and ready to conquer anything!

Bend Sinister gives us everything we thought we needed, plus a little something extra – “Rock N Roll” is a feel-good sure-fire classic. Bringing a throwback vibe with a bluesy guitar, jazzy backup vocals and a story-like progression. Moving forward from their typical jazz meets rock meets pop sounds into something out of this world. Easy to listen to, even easier to love, “Rock N Roll” is one spectacular tune.

Finishing of The Other Way is (Unmastered) “Gonna Be Alright” – slowing it back down, for a ballad type of tune. A feel good tune, complete with tambourine, gospel harmonies, and a smooth, easy beat. Reassuring, with a message of “we’re going to be alright” – this tune is the perfect way to not only wrap up the album but to show listeners that Bend Sinister is the full package, capable of pulling off any style and tone.

A pleasure to listen to over and over again, Bend Sinister hit the nail on the head with The Other Way.

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