Review – Tree Forts

EP: Changing for the Better
Release Date: August 25, 2017
Genre: Indie Pop

Tree Forts, an indie pop group from London, Ontario released their debut EP Changing for the Better late August. Combining indie with pop creates a happy-go-lucky vibe, sure to have listeners seeking more of the smiley feeling Tree Forts gives them.

“Seasons”, the first tune off their debut EP is quite the creative piece of work. Really easy to get into, even easier to listen to. Bringing a lot to the table, from the smooth vocals to the spoken word aspects and the funky beat. Peppy and exciting, Tree Forts set the bar high for the rest of the album.

“Rather Be With You” is reminiscent of Barenaked Ladies, a cute tune about wanting to be with a loved one over anything, or anyone else. Sure to be a love diddle used in many anniversary videos. Similar in style to “Seasons” yet sounding completely different – a lighter, airier feel.

“Road Trip” sounds like royalty spitting out of your speakers. With a more techno and modern edge, this tune shows off a different side of Tree Forts. Focusing more on the spoken word styling makes it feel quite different from the rest of the album, while it still fits and flows very nicely. Lyrically, “Road Trip” brings forward a sense of belonging and understanding. A really powerful, moving piece.

Wrapping up Changing for the Better is “Progress” brings it back to the indie pop roots of Tree Forts. Another poetic piece, in a different styling. All about, just as the title entails, progress! A wonderfully uplifting piece, listeners will be singing along to the catchy lyrics and swaying along to an even catchier beat.

Changing for the Better is a dynamic EP – sure to make listeners feel every emotion. Definitely surpassing the high standards they set for themselves!  Classic indie pop, with a twist!

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