Review – Lights

Album: Skin&Earth
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Genre: ElectroSoul

Toronto native, Lights has released her fourth studio album Skin&Earth. Packed full of contagious beats, creative lyrics and beautiful sounds, it is a compilation of coming of age anthems sure to have die hard fans and new listeners moving and grooving along from the very first note to the very last.

Kicking off Skin&Earth is “Skydiving” – a truly angelic tune. “Skydiving” is the perfect combination of catchy and fun, while singing of the risk of falling in love. Lyrically, very creative – using metaphors and well-known phrases, making it near impossible to get the song out of your head. Kicking off the album with such a strong tune leaves listeners craving more from the talented artist.

The fifth song from Skin&Earth shows us a different side of Lights, one that is edgier. “New Fear” is a rock meets techno ballad, that sings about support and love. Immediately getting stuck in your head, this uplifting tune won’t let listeners stand still either. The beats is contagious, with its strength complimented by Lights’ powerful and echoing voice. Different from other songs on the album, “New Fears” brings a dynamic aspect to Skin&Earth – turning it into a sure-fire hit.

“We Were Here” is a cool and groovy party anthem brings us back to the Lights’ side of things – giving us the artist’s classic electronic meets pop sounds accompanied by (again) the catchiest lyrics and a rhythm that just won’t quit. This song says summer – and everyone should know it.

“Giants”, the single off of Skin&Earth is another feel good tune, but this time gives us something a little different. Starting off as electro-soul and transitioning into a pop anthem, “Giants” shows just what this album has to offer. The heartfelt power anthem sends a positive message of empowerment and belief while being incredibly contagious!

Wrapping up Skin&Earth is “Almost Had Me”. Lights’ vocals truly shine in the emotional ballad. All about hurt and heartbreak – but focusing on coming out of it all a stronger person, Lights really makes listeners feel empowered, a theme in this album. The beat, while subtle, adds a sense of peace to the song. Breaking out of ballad mid-song, into a pop moment gives this song the uplifting feel to match the lyrics.

Sink&Earth is like a cool breeze on a warm summer day – it came at the perfect time. Lights’ gave listeners everything they could have asked for – the perfect combination of ballads, and party anthems. Easy to listen to, hard to forget. Catchy lyrics, contagious beats and a spirit-lifting message round this album up to be absolutely incredible.

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