Johnny Reid Previews New Album to Lucky Fans

Have you ever got a peek at a present through its wrapping paper just enough to get you excited to be able to open it when you were allowed? Well, for seven (7) Johnny Reid Fan Club members and their guests, who won a special draw, that is what the early evening of Wednesday September 20, 2017 was like.

It all took place at an undisclosed location in Toronto, put on by Universal Music Canada, when a select few got to have a glimpse into the up-coming Johnny Reid album, due out soon.

Reid, himself, was there in attendance to preview clips of several of the songs that will be on the new album and talk about the stories behind them. Many are in true JR fashion. There are, however, a few that could surprise event the most diehard fan. This is truly a “soul”-ful journey for Reid and he looks forward to its release on this labour of love.

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