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Danielle Bourjeaurd is the perfect combination of her “Redneck Princess” nickname on her debut EP Country Sorta Way. Country twang, modern pop elements, and a whole lotta heart make up the 7-song collection and, from what I can tell, Danielle herself. Be sure to check out her newest video for “Lakeside” below.

The first thing I noticed from first listen of Country Sorta Way was that you really let us get to know you not only as a musician but also as a human. Was this the way you naturally wrote your own songs?

Thank you!  For sure, what you see is what you get.  These songs are a 100% me!  I wanted to introduce myself to the audience on a personal, honest level. My goal is that out of these 7 songs my listeners can relate and connect to each story. I hope it brings back good memories or creates new ones or changes a low time into a trance of empowerment. Whether you enjoy a good chick anthem or a bigger glass of whiskey, that’s the kind of record I wanted to make.

One song that really tugged at my heartstrings is “This Guitar” with such a beautiful relationship painted between you & your Dad. Being a longtime musician himself, how did he contribute most to the release?

Again, thank you.  Man, it sure tugs at mine too.  My father has been my #1 supporter for as long as I can remember.  He taught me a lot about music & the business side of things.  He showed me how to be a successful entrepreneur & how to stay strong in the toughest moments. Dad told me how important it was to surround myself with good, honest people. He always said with great confidence, that if I kept working my butt off, it was going to happen for me & when it does, to make sure I stay humble & help others.  I could go on and on about how amazing he was.  Losing my Dad pushed me even harder to make this album the best I could make it.  I know he is proud.  He always told me he was & I will keep making him proud.  He will always live through my music & for that reason, I will never give up. He’s my fire inside. He is what keeps me going.

From growing up in Sharon, Ontario to now spending a lot of time writing in Nashville, what kind of adjustments did you have to make for that transition?

Honestly, besides not being around my family all the time, I didn’t have to adjust too much.  I was born to do this. I have been planning my move there since I was like 8!  I don’t think it was a surprise to anyone when I took off to Nashville. I pretty much do the same thing every day as I did back home or anywhere else the wind has taken me.  Writing songs, planning future goals & building more relationships, with a badass team behind me.  The only difference in Nashville is, I am surrounded by thousands of crazy talented people trying to do the same thing as me.  I mean, it sure keeps you on your toes.  Lots of competition. It raises the bar higher & keeps me motivated & inspired.

This may be your own debut release, but you’ve had the chance to write for some music greats out there including Tom Cochrane back in 2014. Who would you love to pen a song for?

Yes, & man was that ever cool!  Tom is my buddy! ( May I just add that he is such an awesome human being.)  Hmmm okay, well it’s tough to say because I have a few on the wish list. I think more than anyone in the world (that is still with us) it would have to be the legendary Steven Tyler.  His sound is so versatile and you just know it’s him when you hear that voice, whatever genre of music he is singing.  He puts on one hell of a show & his eclectic style is everything.  I used to watch & mimic his moves when I was like 5 years old.  He’s just the real deal badass, but such a humble human from what I have heard & seen anyway. STEVEN if your listening (wink wink)…haha just saying…

Your sound has been grouped in with the likes of Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, Linda Ronstadt and Tanya Tucker; not bad company to be in! Who would be your top three current artists to collaborate with?

It’s a HUGE compliment for sure.  There are so many amazing artists to choose from but I would have to say my top three current artists to collaborate with would have to be Eric Church because I find myself always connecting with his songs.  Also, Lindsay Ell would be amazing to collaborate with because I find her guitar hooks catchy and I think we would write great songs together. Last but not least, I would love to collaborate with Tim Hicks. I just admire Tim all together as a person and as a musician. I love his “I don’t give a….I am going to do this”, attitude!

Summer in most parts of Canada goes by way too quickly! What’s your favourite summer past time?

My favorite summer past time would definitely be my family and I on the lake, Georgian Bay!  Whether it be floating around in the water at our place or on the back of my buddies Nautique wakeboarding, my summers were spent mostly in the water. I would also love riding my bike up and down the shoreline & stopping at friends cottages to grill out & bonfire.

In another life where music doesn’t exist, what would be your dream job(s)?

It’s hard to picture life without music…but if I had to choose, it would be a career with animals for sure.  I’d probably be a veterinarian & help donate my services to the animal rescues that I work with & donate money to now. Veterinarian or musician, I would do my damn best trying to save them all & I would still be broke doin’ it. LOL

And, the biggest question of all…the one the world will forever debate…dogs or cats?

I have a soft spot for all animals, but my forever companion will be DOGS!

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