Review – Danielle Bourjeaurd

Album: Country Sorta Way
Release Date: September 15, 2017
Genre: Country

Danielle Bourjeaurd has released her debut EP, Country Sorta Way. The seven track EP contains both Bourjeaurd’s strong vocal and song writing skills. Raised in the small town of Sharon, Ontario Bourjeaurd instantly took to music as a young child. “I was lucky to be getting up on stage with my dad and his buddies at Bluegrass festivals starting when I was 14. They taught me how to project my natural charm and personality to the audience. My dad also passed along his love and knowledge of harmony. I could hear harmonies at a very early age.” Bourjeaurd explains.

Country Sorta Way contains the lead single “Lakeside” which has been making rounds on music sharing platforms with thousands of views and streams. “Lakeside” is the perfect laid-back, summer-chill-kind-of-vibe track for those beach day and road trip playlists. It is catchy and fresh. Nicknamed as the “Redneck Princess” by her family and friends, “Lakeside” shows Bourjeaurd’s fun side, and ability to embrace the outdoors. “I am definitely a lake girl. It’s my life and it’s what everyone I know does every summer. It’s like ‘what island are we going to, where are we wakeboarding, and where’s the best place to put a line in the water?’ I am the same in the winter: ice fishing, four wheeling, sledding. It’s just the way I am built.” Says Bourjeaurd.

The EP’s title track “Country Sorta Way” is just as fun as “Lakeside.” The track has the same anthemic vibe and showcases Bourjeaurd’s ability to capture your musical attention and create tracks that you want to blast with your windows down while flying down a highway.

“What Difference Does She Make” slows things down and allows Bourjeaurd to get raw and real for a minute. Bourjeaurd opens up and lets her vocals shine. “What Different Does She Make” is relatable and honest. Bourjeaurd opens up on where the track came from; “Every single girl has had that point where they have looked back and said, ‘what the hell’…This new girl looks like me, dresses like me, she is pretty much me, so what difference does she make?”

Keeping up with her ability to create songs you will want to listen to, Country Sorta Way rounds out with “Happy Hour,” “What a Country Girl’s Made Of,” “Bigger Glass,” featuring Drew Smith, and a song penned specifically for her father “This Guitar.”

Overall Country Sorta Way is completely enjoyable and Bourjeaurd smarty showcases her talents throughout the entire EP. From her vocals to song writing skills, Bourjeaurd establishes herself as a total package deal. From spending the past few years writing and cultivating songs down in Nashville, Bourjeaurd is someone to be watched. Bourjeaurd tells “I love everything about the music business. I love the writing, the playing, the performing, the producing. I want to put out music that I love and that I am proud of. I want to be able to remain true to who I am, always. And I think that’s reflected in the way I write, the way I approach my career, and the way I approach life.”

Country Sorta Way is a great addition to any country library. With a balance of fun, hell raising good time tunes, and some open and honest ballads, there is something for every country fan on this EP. Available through all major music retailers, make sure to keep your ears open for big things from this young country talent.

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