PotashCorp Country Music Week In Saskatoon: Thursday, September 9 – Media Kick-off Party on the Prairie Lily

The first event for this week was the Media Kick-off Party held on the Prairie Lily Riverboat for media only from noon until 1 p.m. We cruised up and down the South Saskatchewan River taking in the beauty of Saskatoon, milling around and chatting, listening to opening speeches by all the dignitaries, and then treated to some awesome acoustic music by Saskatchewan artists.

Tenille Arts, from Weyburn, was the first to perform. She is the 2016 SCMA Emerging Artist and when you listen to her pure voice, you know why. One of the songs she performed was her latest release, “Cold Feet.” This is a very touching ballad with a beautiful melody. The lyrics are brilliant, “She’s running out of time to decide what’s right and whose heart she’s willing to break,” because you don’t know who she chooses in the end.

The Hunter Brothers were the other artists to entertain us. I say entertain rather than perform because the camaraderie between these brothers and there approach to performing is phenomenal. They let us know that they literally got off their combines the night before to drive to Saskatoon. One of the songs they sang was their newest single, “Born and Raised.” They started off acapella then brought in two acoustic guitars part way through. Their harmonies were perfection and they exuded humbleness when they spoke of their appreciation for the support they have received.

The CCMA Interim President, Tracy Martin, came up and thanked all sponsors, including the Potash Corp for hosting the Canadian Country Music Week and thanked everyone else for their support.

We had the last 15 minutes to get reacquainted with old friends, meet new friends, chat with the artists and just relax and enjoy some cake and coffee. This was a great start to PotashCorp Country Music Week in Saskatoon.

You can see our photos from the whole week (still being updated daily), on our Facebook page!

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