Review – Jason Haywood

Album: Folklore
Release Date: April 20, 2017
Genre: Americana

Jason Haywood‘s new album, Folklore began with the idea of a man walking across a frozen lake in heavy snow, not sure if the sounds he hears are the howling wind, the ghost of his murdered lover or the Devil himself. The song,”The Ballad of Clara Leigh” eventually emerged from this basic concept. Naturally, when Jason settled on the notion of writing songs about murder, disaster, and doomed love, he knew his songwriting partner of the past 8 years, Trish MacMillan, would be the ideal collaborator. Where his last album, A Thousand Miles Since Yesterday, leaned more on a confessional style of song writing, this album employs a more narrative “storyteller” approach.

Working with acclaimed, East Coast Music award winning producer Dale Murray (Christina Martin, Jessica Rhaye) Jason has put together a powerfully haunting album with songs ranging from murder ballads to tales of shipwrecks and haunted souls.

Haywood drew me into his characters and the stories he told throughout the album, it was easy listening like a great book. The album is proof that storytelling is something that Haywood does extremely well.

“The Promised Land” is a great story from start to finish. a man’s journey through the extreme weather to the promise land. a beautiful and a song that drew my attention from the first listen.

Folklore is a lively tale from start to finish. Absolutely hands down worth a listen, this album and Haywood do not disappoint.

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