Review – The Heavy Blinkers

Album:  The Night and I Are Still So Young
Release date: Available now
Genre: Indie/Pop

Lovers of The Carpenters, rejoice! Nova Scotia’s The Heavy Blinkers release their vinyl for The Night And I Are Still So Young, the 2004 release that earned them praise from Rolling Stone. Described by Spin Magazine as “one of the greatest bands you’ve (probably) never heard”, The Heavy Blinkers is a five-piece band formed by Jason Michael MacIsaac and a group of friends, including keyboardist and songwriter Andrew Watt and vocalist Ruth Minnikin.

Opening track “Filtered Light” showcases the entirety of why they earned such widespread acclaim: the heavily orchestra-based track bleeds timelessness, very much a throwback to the work of Brian Wilson at his peak, and sets up audiences for the nostalgic Beach Boys-esque throwback that the vinyl is.

That being said, The Heavy Blinkers—and The Night And I Are Still So Young—hold their own as an original and masterfully crafted sound. The album dances between moods, rhythms, and vibes, while still retaining their gentle early-70’s cadence, and the result is a time capsule that begs to be put on repeat. Don’t believe me? Have a listen below.

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