Review – Burn The Louvre

EP: We’ll Be Just Fine
Release date: Available now
Genre: Indie/Rock

Hamilton-based four-piece band Burn The Louvre is bringing the house down with their EP We’ll Be Just Fine. Fast-paced and unflinchingly fun, Burn The Louvre are a whirlwind of guitars and head-banging vocals and take absolutely no prisoners.

Opening track “Fast Cars & Porn Stars” draws back the curtain on the EP with a bang, the combination of greenhorn vocals and irresistible guitar riffs clashing in a jaunty, no-holds-barred fashion. Achieving a distinctly young sound, Burn The Louvre will appeal to fans of heavy rock and house concerts so loud you think the walls will cave in from how hard the party is heaving.

Late-EP “Breakdown” solidifies this—a dizzying, frantic car crash of high-tempo vocals, soaring guitars, and the drumbeats that hold it all together, We’ll Be Just Fine shoots for a freeing, wholly true-to-themselves sound, and succeeds with flair.

A delightfully discordant good time, We’ll Be Just Fine is a jaunty summer release that will appeal to both rock fans and those young at heart.

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