Countdown to BreakOut West – Interview with The Matinée

BreakOut West 2017 takes place in Edmonton, AB between September 13 – 17. The event encompasses the Western Canadian Music Awards, Industry Awards, Hall of Fame Induction, Industry Conference, Kick-off Concert and a city-wide Music Festival. It’s the place to be if you’re able! The Festival itself features over 60 of the best in Western Canadian bands and artists, and we are happy to chat with a few of them leading up to the event! For our first interview, we spoke with Manitoba based Kayla Luky, and now we’re happy to chat with Vancouver’s The Matinée.

You are taking part in this year’s BreakOut West, what does it feel like to be a part of this event? 

We’ve been fortunate to go to BreakOut a few times now, and the vibe is always so positive and inclusive. The organizers and volunteers put so much into the event and the host city always seems to roll-out the red carpet too. We love being able to catch up with so many friends and see some amazing shows ourselves… and career-wise, you can get so much done just hanging out in the hotel lobby.

What other bands/ artists are you looking forward to checking out at BreakOut West? 

Wooden Horsemen, Wet Secrets, Said The Whale, Post Script, & The Lytics are all acts we’ve seen before and will gladly stand in line to see again… but one we certainly want to catch is a cool band from Australia we’ve been hearing good things about called Letters to Lions.

Besides the performances, is there any other event that you’re looking forward to?  

Most certainly the late night hotel-room jams and the lobby minglers.

I hear there is a Closing BBQ on September 17, so of course, I have to ask, what’s your go to food to BBQ? 

Our good buddy Rusty Johnson (his real name) is a World Champ BBQ king, (we’ve tried his meat & it’s mighty fine) so we’d have to go with his signature, the good old beef burger. We also have a vegan in the band though so there may be a few veggie burgers kicking around too.

Do you have any other upcoming shows that you’d like to tell us about? 

We’ve been busy touring our new album ‘Dancing On Your Grave’ since it came out in the spring and we’ll finally be heading home for some rest on the west coast after BreakOut. You can check to see if more shows get added through the fall.

If someone has yet to see you perform live, how would you describe your live show? 

Well, it’s basically a sweaty mess on stage. We tend to have a lot of fun up there… Picture a summer beach party camp-fire on the side of a rocky cliff. Lots of highs and lows. Something like that….

If you were only able to recommend ONE song for a new listener, which would you choose? 

Young & Lazy. It’s a way of life.

Here at Canadian Beats, we’re all about Canadian music, who are some of your favourite Canadian bands/ artists? 

We are always listening to Matt Mays, Deep Dark Woods, Bros Landreth, Terra Lightfoot, Leeroy Stagger, Fast Romantics…  Shania….

What’s up next for you? 

We have a new video for a duet we did with our label-mate Emily Rowed called Figure It Out, we had a cool remix of one of our tunes called Blood Alley done so keep your ears peeled for that, we have our next single Long Gone coming out… a collection of acoustic versions of our new record, B-sides… We keep busy.

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