Review – Vissia

Album: You Should Be Sleeping – EP
Release Date: August 11, 2017
Genre: Folk/Rock

Edmonton based folk/rock songstress Vissia recently released a three track EP entitled ‘You Should Be Sleeping’.  Although short, the three songs showcase her talent in a way that will make you want to look more into her music career.

Only comprised of “You Don’t Know Her”, “You Should Be Sleeping”, and “Mountaineer”, the EP takes the listener on a journey of harmonies, layered vocals, and fitting lyrics. All three songs are a bit more on the slow side, which may not be for everyone. However, there are parts of each song that will appeal to many. The EP sounds as if it has some jazz inspirations and influences, in the way the background music melds with the vocal tracks. The EP also seems to share some characteristics with the more indie parts of the genre. When it’s put all together, the three songs do a very good job allowing the listener to determine what to expect from Vissia.

Overall, this EP may not be something I would listen to constantly but I did enjoy it. It reminds me of music that would be played in a small café on a rainy day – it’s calm and soothing. If this is what the rest of Vissia’s music sounds like, she is definitely a name to keep your eye on in the future.

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