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Mississauga based RnB artist, Dru Grange has been busy recording. “Been Waiting” is his most recent single. With multiple studio albums, numerous nominations and awards already under the belt, Dru takes inspiration from the 90s RnB scene and aims to give listeners a nostalgic feel. We had the great opportunity to interview Dru, so check it out:

The response on social media for “Been Waiting” seems to have been overall positive. What are your thoughts on how well the single stuck out to fans?

Well “Been Waiting” is still very new but the response has been amazing. Fans never expected me to combine 90s RnB with the tropical vibes of today but the marriage has worked great!

Is this the direction in which we can expect your music to be going?

Yes “Been waiting” is a bit of a preview of what the album will sound like for the mid to uptempo tracks, but the slower more intimate songs are a lot edgier than people have heard from me in the past. For example, I have a song called “LIKE I DO” it’s very sensual and may even offend some people but that’s the chance a true artist has to take to fully express myself.

As a musician, importance is often put on by artists to changing their sound and even you have said you have reinvented yourself. How do you manage to do so, while ensuring your goal of keeping 90’s RnB alive?

Every song I write has a bit of 90s RnB in it no matter what I do. I don’t even have to think about it, it naturally happens because that’s what I was raised on. But the reinvention happens through maturing as an artist and going through different experiences. Listening to what’s out there and seeing where you can fill a void.

Do you think this is what sets you apart in the genre?

This sets me apart because I’m not following a wave, I have always stayed in my lane and never just followed a new sound blindly.

Are you planning on releasing any more singles this year?

I hope to release another single before the end of 2017, so look out for it.

What about a new album; is that in the works?

The next album will be my 3rd solo release and that will be released in 2018 entitled REBIRTH.

What do you hope to accomplish with your music going forward?

I wanna connect with new fans internationally and really spread my sound. Show people that real RnB ain’t dead.

Will there be a tour before 2017 is over? If so, where do you hope to tour?

Stay tuned for tour dates as I am scheduling them soon, both in Canada and the US.

Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

DRU is back and ready to give his fans what they’ve been waiting for, quality inventive RnB with real passion and emotion something RnB is really lacking right now. I plan to release 2 new EPs in early 2018 so stay tuned!

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