Video Interview – Nice Horse at Boots and Hearts Music Festival

When the ladies of Nice Horse ride into town, its guaranteed to be fun!  Thats exactly what happened backstage at Boots and Hearts Music Festival this past weekend.  We had the chance to catch up with the self-described ‘Zac Brown Band in miniskirts’  to talk about Boots and Hearts, their busy summer, which included recently opening up for Gord Bamford and their take-over of Canadian Beats’ Instagram account.  We also chatted about their single, “Pony Up”, and they gave us a special acoustic performance of this feel-good, dance-all-night song, which you can catch on our blog very soon!

You can also check out all of the pictures from Nice Horse’ debut performance at Boots and Hearts and all of the other highlights from Day 3 and the entire album from the festival on our Facebook account.

Video editing by Erica Mallat

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