Countdown to Polaris – Leif Vollebekk

Photo Credit: Jessie McCall

The 2017 Polaris Music Prize shortlist has been announced. To celebrate, let’s here’s a weekly look back at the nominees.

Week five: Leif Vollebekk – Twin Solitudes

In his first ever Polaris Prize long-list and shortlist nomination, the sleepy journeys of Leif Vollebekk’s Twin Solitude are a heartfelt exploration of town, road and soul.

Born in Ottawa, and currently residing in Montreal, Vollebekk is known for incorporating themes of travel and journey throughout his work.  Best listened to on a quiet afternoon, the simple instrumentation along with lyrics perfect for both a cross-country drive and a roadmap through heartbreak, Twin Solitude starts on Canada’s west coast with “Vancouver Time,” leads you through the relief of overcoming emotional turmoil with “Elegy” and “Into The Ether,” and event takes through “Big Sky Country,” “Michigan,” and even the “Road to Venus.”

The result is an album that makes you think and reflect.  There is an optimism to the loneliness expressed in Vollebekk’s lyrics.  He writes in “Elegy” “You whom I loved dearly now I must wait/To be reunited in the sky when it opens/Well my feet are so tired baby but my spirit ain’t broken/Take a look at me now.”  The result is an album that celebrates healing, as well as the roads that cross our continent.

Will Leif Vollebekk’s sonic roadtrip lead to Polaris victory?  Find out when the results are announced on September 18!

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