Fake Palms release new single, “Glass Walls”

Photo Credit: Cristina Naccarato

Toronto’s Fake Palms have announed their sophomore LP entitled Pure Mind which is set for release on September 15, 2017 via Buzz Records and Pleasence Records. They have recently released the album’s first single, “Glass Walls” which you can hear above.

When asked about the track, le Riche states:

“I was listening to a lot of 60’s psych music and wanted to have a song with a chorus that felt reminiscent to that. I got really into the big, drawn out harmonies and the crawling basslines. The crescendo ending came while we were messing around playing the song and Simone flipped the beat around and created a whole new feel. As for a meaning, in the past I’ve always written about what a song means to me or what it’s about, but these things always change with time, and so although I know what the song means to me now, I have no idea how it’ll grow and change with me, so I’ll just let it sit, and be what it wants to be.”

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