WayHome 2017 – The Recap

Photo Credit: B Hartling

WayHome came to a close after a stellar weekend. Talented artists and band gave performances their all this past weekend – leaving attendees satisfied and ready for more (hopefully, next year). Headliners Flume, Imagine Dragons and Frank Ocean were welcomed in by many flourishing artists – who prepped and primed the audience throughout the day, for the evenings of dancing and celebrating amazing music. It was truly incredible to see artists of every calibre and genre come together. The vibe of WayHome was one of positive energy – feelings of love and inclusion engrossed the festival grounds.  Canadian Beats photographer’s captured this perfectly.

Canadian Beats was fortunate enough to score interviews with Magic Giant (Saturday) and The Dirty Nil (Sunday) – both full of humor and good wisdom of performing and growing as musicians. Magic Giant – an indie folk band from L.A told us at Canadian Beats about their writing process, the fan influence and what exactly it felt like to play a festival with such big headliners. The Dirty Nil, Dundas natives, gave us a good laugh, giving thanks to wine and booze for their songs – while being some of the most humble musicians.

WayHome was a festival for the young at heart – absolutely full of wonder. Audiences were never bored, from the homemade beach, to the variety of food trucks, the cute shops and constant performances, there was always something to do. A weekend well spent.

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