Review – Planet Eater

Album: Blackness From The Stars
Release Date: August 4, 2017
Genre: Metal

You have probably noticed that Planet Eater dropped their first single “The Boats” from their newly released album Blackness From The Stars earlier this year. Which can be heard here.

The band’s second single “Cold Confines” is the second longest track and it brings a more speedy, yet groovy sound. With more time Planet Eater has the space to diversify with its faster instrumentals and bringing a more hardcore style vocals which makes this track stand out. Fusing its heavier bass and drum sections and mixing in a few lead riffs and intense vocals brings a more diverse sound to the album.

A “Fault to Fix” starts of with a fast past drum, like much of the album will keep you head-banging through the guitar solos. This song is one I kept coming back to numerous times when listening through the album, as it had an eerie way of making me reflect on not only the album but my day to day life.

“The Spoil” not only the longest track, is also one of the most soothing. Opening with a slower drum beat and building in the guitars until the vocals overtook with its anger. This song definitely gives each member of the band a moment in the spotlight as giving each instrumentalist a solo or lead throughout the song, this is one that would need numerous listens to truly appreciate the art behind it.

You can catch Planet Eater this summer once again at Loud as Hell Fest (August 5) along side such bands as Battlecross, Agression, Black Wizard and Eye of Horous, as well as their hometown show on July 28th.

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