The Road Hammers latest single, “Your Love is the Drug” is a great single to get a party started

The Road Hammers released “Your Love is the Drug” (from their album, The Squeeze) to Canadian country music radio on August 9. It’s reminiscent of The Road Hammers classic sound – a blend of classic rock meeting country. It’s so upbeat and fun that you can just picture Jason McCoy, Clayton Bellamy and Chris Byrne in the recording studio having a having a great time breathing life into this nostalgic-driven tune.

Jason McCoy, Chris Byrne, as well as renowned producer Gavin Brown wrote, “Your Love is the Drug.” With its southern flare and catchy lyrics, this song speaks about how love has that strong pull that you can’t get away from. It’s a foot stompin’, sing along song that will get you into a great mood from the moment you hear the first chords.

About “Your Love is a Drug,” front man Jason McCoy says,

“This song reminds me of early Zac Brown Band, some southern rock, with a funky ’70s vibe. It’s all about the groove and it’s just plain fun!”

The Road Hammers are nominated for a CCMA Award for Group of the Year. Bassist Chris Byrne is also nominated for Bass Player of the Year and Clayton Bellamy has been nominated for Songwriter of the Year (with Dan Davidson).

Stream “Your Love is the Drug” here.

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