Photo Review – Ember Swift

Who: Ember Swift
When: August 4, 2017
Where: Hugh’s Room Live, Toronto, ON

Canadian artist Ember Swift now resides in the magnetic city of Beijing, China. She has released 11 albums and 1 DVD project since 1996 and continues to have a loyal fan base across many national borders. 11:11, her 11th album aptly named because she released it in 2011, is her most recent release. Her new album Sticks & Stones was released in January 2017.

Ember speaks Mandarin and is a student of Chinese culture, so her music also melds these two traditions. It features lyrics in Mandarin, English and French (the latter both official Canadian languages) and the arrangements feature both Western and Eastern instrumentation such as the featured erhu in her band, a two-stringed traditional Chinese instrument that is considered the ‘Chinese violin.’

Specifically known for her unique, jazz-influenced guitar playing and elastic vocals, additional styles include folk, jazz, swing, R&B, funk, pop, folk-rock, and blues.

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