Review – SHOOT The MOON

Album: The Second
Release date: Available Now
Genre: Indie-rock

Ontario-based quartet SHOOT The MOON is an ironic, head-banging homage to the age of rock n’ roll, and it shows— their album The Second (following after their aptly named debut album, The First) is an unabashedly good time for veteran rock fans and a quizzical introduction to newcomers and casual listeners alike. Why quizzical? Good question.

Soaked to the bone with raspy, shouted vocals, a tornado of drumbeats, and heavy guitar riffs, opening track “Just Let Me” cuts straight to the very promising chase. Distinctly more rock than indie, SHOOT The MOON will steal the hearts of hardcore rock fans with their classically intense rhythms and cacophony of instrumentals. No song on the album is one you haven’t heard somewhere before, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get swept away by the band’s undeniable energy.

However, late-album “Remember” takes everything about the band—both the good and the bad—to the next level: with their blatantly no-frills lyrics, an emphasis on shredding on the guitar (and who knew that could be overemphasized!), and vocals that are discordant in their intensity, SHOOT The MOON will ensnare longtime fans of the genre while isolating casual listeners. At its core, it can be chalked up to the forcefulness of the vocals—their intensity valued over tone and control of pitch, as exemplified in “Remember”—making it so listeners have to be in a very specific mood to enjoy music that is so in your face.

But don’t take my word for it: intense, animated, and undoubtedly dedicated to their craft, SHOOT The MOON is going to satisfy that hard-hitting rock craving you haven’t been able to satiate in ages. And if it isn’t your thing? Keep scrolling; I’m sure we at Canadian Beats have something up your alley.

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