Review – Goldtop

Album: You Possess Me
Release Date: July 21, 2017
Genre: Folk-Rock

Calgary Folk Music Festival was this past weekend and it was superb – truly sublime. However, one of the sad things about Folk Festing is that you don’t always get to see all of the acts you want to; you have to pick and choose. So imagine my disappointment when, upon my return to reality, I am given a review for a fantastic band that was right under my nose while I was there: Goldtop. Guys! I love this band. Listening to the stellar debut album of singer/songwriters Alice Kos and Everett LaRoi has been exactly what was needed to get over the post-Fest funk.

In a flawless blend of different sounds and moods You Possess Me is a perfect late-summer album. Kos and LaRoi’s vocals intertwine beautifully singing mature lyrics that combine the ache for love lost and explored with fun beats and lucid instrumentation. In short, it’s something you can get lost in, bob your head to, and thoroughly enjoy.
The title song is a simple introduction rife with a nostalgic 50s steel guitar sway. This bleeds into the first single “The Flood” that juxtaposes Kos’s clear, haunting voice with an electro-pop beat giving it a futuristic appeal that would feel right at home in the Bladerunner soundtrack.

Not to be side-lined, LaRoi is featured predominately on both “Even Tonight” and “Shake this Feeling” channeling Michael Stipe and Automatic for the People so perfectly it comforted my crusty, old 90’s-girl heart like a pair of fuzzy socks.

The rest of the album is nothing to be sneezed at either. I honestly don’t think there is a bad song on the whole thing. You Possess Me is going to be put into heavy rotation on my playlist.

Now, I could gush and gush about this album but it’s not going to do any good to convince you, you just need to listen to it yourself and decide. Which you should go and do right now. Now! Go!

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