Review – Centuries Of Decay

Album: Centuries Of Decay
Release Date: August 4th
Genre: Extreme Metal

Talk about a group of genius musicians and instrumentalists that bring such energy in this album I definitely think it could be a movie soundtrack. Just the vocals alone of Devin Doucette sets the tone in this album.  Rob Mcallister plays the lead guitar and spits the background vocals with perfection. Derrick Doucette on drums pounds the bass into your skull and Anthony Zhura strums that bass and creates a different palpitation in your heart. Tons of songs to choose from and tons of head banging energy exist on this release. It was a hard choice to grab my top 3 but I managed.

“Rise” is a definite top track for me. The feeling it gave me was like a car chase. I could envision the running from the drums kicking off quick and the follow up from the guitar trying to catch up to the drums. What a dope song. The switch up in my earphones was also a great effect. It made me tune in more. The lead singer was like the controller of the instrumentals. WOW! What a track. Listen in for the ending though. It can’t be missed.

“Centuries Of Decay” comes in with this ride into the sunset and dreamy type vibe that’s produced and put together with perfection, then it just turns and bites ya in the arse with some hardcore bass beats from the drums and guitar, the two compliment each other nicely. The singing is also matched with the scream and a solo that flows with the beat that shows that these guys know what they are doing.

“Odyssey” is pure excitement. I felt like this song could push me that extra few feet when I’m working out like a mad man. This track is crazy with the drum sets and fast guitar playing. Devin’s voice is loud and catches your attention quickly. This guy feels the music and fits his lyrics perfectly in the mix. This track even has like 3 different songs in it. It’s pure genius. I can say this song is one of my favourite of all time on an instrumental genre of things.

If you couldn’t tell, I will certainly be putting this album on my playlist, and you should too!

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