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Chair Warriors is a three-piece band from Montreal. In 2012, they released their debut EP, A Thousand Words and are gearing up to their follow up album, Dawn of Edo  to be released on September 22. They have already released their first single, “Lights Out”.

Let’s dive right in to your newest album, Dawn of Edo. It is said to be a concept album based on the Edo period of Japanese history, while bringing in influences from bands like Muse, Thirty Seconds to Mars and City and Colour. Intrigued? Well, we got the chance to interview Chair Warriors and find out more about this album and more.

How difficult was it to create “Dawn of Edo” with the goal to base it around a Japanese history?

The leading tune to emphasize this idea is “Shogun”. Throughout the creation of the song, I (Brandon) was reading up on the Tokugawa period and the strenuous military reform that it brought about in Japan. Being intrigued by this and other military concepts like Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”, I wanted to pose the question “What is Shogun?”. Our song “Shogun” tries to answer that question. The album is heavily based off of that song. For us, it is also a “Dawn of Change”, a chance for our fans to hear the new sound we have been building.

Were there any other topics you wanted to touch on?

The other tunes delve into Love (Chaser), Lust (Primal), Life (So Alive), Fame (Epitaph), Hope (Lights Out). These are emotions and topics I have been delving into personally; very relatable topics that everyone touches on at one point or another. I leave it to the listener to delve into them more!

Do you feel like you have done so?

Absolutely. I take my time when it comes to writing lyrics. I tend to write based on the feel of the song and the state that I am in, in order to get the most genuine reaction I could give.

How did the recording process evolve from your initial plans?

As we went about recording the songs, we kept on thinking of new ways to grow the music sonically. We wanted these recordings to be a test of our musical knowledge so we added tons of harmonies and ambient instruments to bring these compositions to the next level yet still remain concise melodic alt/rock songs.

You have a wide range of genres as influences; do you feel that it was difficult to bring together your concepts, your influences and your own style into the album or did it come naturally?

We have such a good chemistry as a band. It is now to the point that whenever we bring ideas, we understand our roles within the song immediately. The style we built with these tunes fit our influences very well. We all commonly love progressive-minded bands but I(Brandon) also love pop melodies and orchestration, and can never forget my 90’s Alt rock beginnings. The biggest challenge for me is always coming up with vocal melodies that do the instrumentation justice, but I feel we pulled it off really well here.

Do you think you will take the same type of strong political stance in your next projects?

We are currently really into learning about Mythology, Astronomy, Conspiracies, Human and Primal Emotions, and the Paranormal. Our future music will definitely touch on these subjects in interesting ways. I am also interested in possibly drawing parallels between these topics and politics albeit in a veiled way, so that remains to be seen.

I see you have one show set up for September 23, do you have any other touring in the works to promote the album?

Lately we have been trying to perform more regularly outside of Montreal  in order to grow our fan base in different parts of Quebec and will soon be targeting Ontario and the Maritimes. For the album launch on September 23 our intention is to provide a unique experience for both new and especially older fans that have followed our evolution over the last 8 years. So, spread the word and we’ll see you all there for what should be a great time.

Does the album transfer well into a live show, in your opinion?

Completely. We’ve always built our music around live performance. Our songs are created to sound as good live as on recordings and we strive to make them as impactful as possible despite being just a trio with no bassist. Our goal is to create music that is fit for stadiums even if it gets performed in small venues and bars (for now!).

Do you think your fans will be surprised by what you are about to release? Will there be any major changes from your previous album, do you think?

We’ve definitely matured sonically, and I think fans will enjoy the heavier instrumentation, as well as a more refined vocal performance. Our sound is bigger and more layered, and we touch upon more mature themes . The style has grown with us, and we cannot wait for everyone to hear it!

What is your biggest goal for the rest of 2017?

We want to bring the Montreal Alt rock scene back to the fore. We want to blow fans away with the songs we have created and keep on pushing our music to new heights. In tandem, we are going to beef up our social media game, and keep try to reach out to as many new fans as possible using the myriad of tools available to us today.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about your band. Do you have any last thoughts or comments for your fans? 

Honestly we thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for sticking with us and growing with us; waiting patiently for new music. We know these new tunes will rock your worlds and hopefully keep you coming back for more for years to come. Chair Warriors LOVES YOU!

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