Goodnight, Sunrise release video for “Altar”

Toronto trio Goodnight, Sunrise (comprised of David Kochberg, Vanessa Vakharia and Paul Weaver) recently released a video for their song “Alter”, off of their second LP Falling Awake. According to Vakharia (singer, keytar), the song is about going through a life affected by anxiety and depression. “I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression for many years in many ways, ranging from repression to abandon, from denial to despair, and I wrote Alter a couple years ago at a particularly low point of internal chaos. The only way out is through is a mantra I learned early on in those days and it really sustained me and continues to hold true. Writing this song was a piece in the puzzle of finding balance, strength, and recovery and though it scares me to share it, if it can connect with someone else who’s feeling these kinds of things and help them even the teeniest bit, I want to try.”

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