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Ontario is celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary in style.  All year long, the province is marking 150 years with events across the province.  ONtour is a free and all ages concert series that is stopping at more than 20 communities across Ontario featuring some pretty amazing Ontario musicians.  We have the pleasure of introducing you to some of this homegrown talent with interviews leading up to their performances.

Tonight, Wednesday, August 2, River Town Saints will be kicking it on stage with Our Lady Peace and Coleman Hell at Del Crary Park in Peterborough! They will also be performing in Huntsville on Wednesday, August 16th alongside USS, Courage My Love and Juan Barbosa.  We will be in attendance tonight in Peterborough and hope to see you there!  For more information on these shows, check out the Facebook events below.

Introduce yourself to the Canadian Beats readers.

My name is Chris Labelle and I’m the lead singer of River Town Saints.

What part of Ontario are you from and/or currently reside in?

Right now I’m living in Ottawa ,Ontario but one day would like to make the leap to Nashville, Tennessee.

You have been selected to be a performer in the ONTour Concert Series, an event to help celebrate Ontario’s 150th Anniversary.  How does it feel to be part of this event?

Ever since we heard we’d be playing with OLP [Our Lady Peace] we have been really excited… We grew up listening to them and to celebrate Ontario 150th with them it makes it even better.

Ontario’s motto for many years has been, “Yours to discover”.  What is your favourite place to explore?

YOURS TO DISCOVER…  Honestly I can’t pick a certain place…  It’s beautiful everywhere in Ontario!!!  Some days I want to see lots of rocks…  Some days I want to see fields…  I love that Ontario has it all.

Touring as a musician has likely brought you to many unique locations to dine in.  In your opinion, what is Ontario’s best kept secret to eat at?

Best kept secret to eat in Ontario is: My kitchen – I make a killer shepherd’s pie.

What is your favourite Ontario music festival or venue?

Favourite music festival or venue… Boots and Hearts.

There are so many talented artists who are taking part in this special tour.  Who are you excited to check out?

OLP because we are playing with them.

Are you performing at any other music festivals this summer that you would like to tell us about?

Every music festival we play is pretty special to me because we get to meet and interact with new people…  I love playing them all.

What does the rest of 2017 look like for you?

The rest of 2017 looks like lots of festivals and I’m getting married in September!

Why are you proud to be an Ontarian? 

I love being from Ontario because we have the Blue Jays, baby.

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