Wayhome Day 3: The energy never stops

All photo credit B Hartling and Cassandra Popescu

WayHome day three brought attendees into the heat – while the artists brought it. Performing we’re The Dirty Nil, Rag’N’Bone Man, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaries and headliner Frank Ocean.

To start off another energy filled day, was The Dirty Nil. As “Mannish Boy” by Muddy Waters played, The trio  strutted on stage to give fans a performance of pure rock and roll. Being absolute balls of energy – feeding from the crowd, The Dirty Nil kicked it into high gear. Kicking and dancing around the stage, literally almost bouncing off the walls. A performance that was exciting to witness – giving off serious vibes of being wild and carefree, The Dirty Nil jammed out their nitty gritty set to the max. Audience members soaked up every last bit of angst – given off by the killer vocals and the louder-than-rockets bass-guitar-drum trio. The Dirty Nil came and left red hot.

Blessing the audience with a truly soulful performance was Rag’N’Bone Man – the gospel -ness of his set brought chills to audience member. Completely hypnotized by the beautiful combination of vocals and vibes, fans were worshipping the pure talent that is Rag’N’Bone Man. Truly an ethereal experience. Stripping down “Skin” into an acoustic masterpiece brought tears to the crowd’s eyes. Giving off such a peaceful vibe – Rag’N’Bone Man created a space of confidence and safety. Overall, a truly breathtaking performance.

Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaries were like the light at the end of a tunnel – making the audience feel vibes of “everything is going to be alright”. A truly talented man, Bradley gave a performance of gospel blues with a dash of rock. Dancing like there was no tomorrow, Bradley created an atmosphere that was impossible not to groove to. The energy and excitement of fans made Bradley’s energy grow and grow. Being part of the audience looked to be almost as fun as Bradley was having on stage. To be out simply, an exceptional performance.

Headliner Frank Ocean is a treasure, his performance – so dynamic in style and structure. Starting off with his more mellow tunes and letting the energy grow and develop into high energy beats have Ocean total control over the audience. Truly hypnotic. Quirks and spontaneity add to the overall aura that is Frank Ocean – complex and brilliant. The audience was completely submerged into every little thing Ocean did. A beautiful experience.

Wrapping up the three day festival, Wayhome was a place of awe and energy. Uniting people from all paths of life with music.

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