Pre-release review – Holy Smokes

Album: Holy Smokes
Release Date: August 4, 2017
Genre: Punk, Rock
Download link to follow.

Holy Smokes is a brand new band from Burlington, Ontario made up of Jake Dunning, Sam Old, and Alex Hamnett. Their debut EP will be released on August 4. From what I have gathered, they have already become a hit in the local music scene due to the numerous shows they have played. This EP is a good indication as to why.

The EP is self-titled and features 5 punk-rock tracks. If you’re a fan of the genre you will be able to pick up a Green-Day-meets-Sum-41 vibe to it, primarily in the opening track, Can’t Believe It’s Not Better. Being a major fan of the genre, I immediately appreciated the skill level and hard work put into the album to capture such an obscure genre.

Closing song, “What I Miss” demonstrates the smoother side of the genre with a easy to bop to drum beat and probably some of the most catchy guitar lines out there. Pairing the great musical talent of Holy Smokes, is the vocals which ties the entire song together. “What I Miss” is my favourite track and embodies everything I love about this EP.

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