WayHome Day 1 had us rocking and raving

All photo credit B Hartling and Cassandra Popescu

Performing Friday night at Way Home were Foster the People, Cage the Elephant, The Shins and Flume – big names to kick off a huge festival weekend.

Staring off with Foster the People, who shared their mellow sound, and otherworldly performance with an enthusiastic crowd. Playing hits like “Helena Beat” and “Don’t Stop” really got the crowd moving and grooving. With such an intricate set – full of creative beats, generated sounds and a whole lot of party, Foster the People lit up the Way Bright stage.

Next up, Cage the Elephant – who came on stage full force and refused to slow down. Giving off a very 70’s Mick Jagger vibe with a pop twist on a grunge sound. Everyone in the audience seemed to be having the time of their lives – the audience interaction was incredible, guitarist Brad Schultz crowd surfed and jammed out with audience members. Such a high energy performance, Cage the Elephant brought their all to the festival stage.

The Shins, a dad rock band with a very relaxed stage presence gave great festival vibes. Giving throwback feels with their pop meets indie tunes gave audience members a much needed mellow set. As  a band, they filled the stage with a performance fans couldn’t take their eyes off of. A great set to keep the night rolling on.

Flume, Friday night’s headliner gave an ethereal performance – heavy bass, futuristic sounds and great beats had the audience going wild. Every mix brought something new to the show, taking familiar songs and mixing them into EDM masterpieces. Entrancing beats hypnotized his fans, as they danced around. Flume lived up to his hype – giving nothing short of a stellar performance.

As a whole, Friday night at Way Home felt like home away from home – the killer tunes, diverse line up,  great food and fun-loving atmosphere made it a great place to be.

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