Review – Wild Night

Album: Welcome Home
Release Date: July 28, 2017
Genre: Rock

I really enjoy listening to debut albums. It’s exciting to hear a band/artist’s first recorded foray into the world of music. Whether they turn out to be good, bad, or just mediocre it’s still a privilege I’m glad to have. Hamilton, Ontario’s Wild Night is one of those bands that makes it worth it. Their new album Welcome Home is fun time full of high energy and bouncy punk influenced rhythms.

The EP blends its seven songs into each other seamlessly with a great cadence flowing through the whole album creating a great bell curve in mood and intensity. These boys also know exactly what their sound is – it’s consistent the whole way through which makes for a smooth listening experience. They seem incredibly comfortable with their music and really want to bring you along. They’re obviously having fun.

The weakest song would probably be “Photographs” but only because it feels dated and a little formulaic. The rest of the album has a familiar sound but still feels fresh. The songs are loud and boisterous but not anything that would grate on the nerves.

I would have to say that my favourite song on Welcome Home would have to be the title track which is the grand finale on the album. It has a surprising structure; starting off with an acoustic softness it climbs to something sounding almost twangy before exploding into a guitar shredding climax and then closes off gently like a soft kiss goodnight and it does all of this in only two and a half minutes. It’s the perfect end to an eclectic ride. I definitely recommend this album if you’re looking to rock out and send your hair a-flyin’

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