Planet Eater release new single and announce upcoming album

Photo Credit: Cierra Ubell

If you’re a fan of Gohira, Converge and Morbid Angel, check out Planet Eater. Planet Eater recently had dropped their single “The Boats” in preparation for their new album Blackness From The Stars, being dropped August 4, 2017.

With only an EP and the current up-coming full-length, the band hailing from Saskatchewan already has recognition in parts of the US, UK and Russia. Mixing various styles of thrash and harsher devastating vocals the album is a fresh taste from the prairies of Canada.

“The Boats” is only a small taste of the brutality of the album and non-stop aggressiveness. The band quotes “This track tells a tale of the brutal Persian torture tactic known as The Boats. The Boats exemplifies the evolution of the Planet Eater sound and gives the listener a taste of what’s to come in our first full length release, Blackness From The Stars.”.

Without spoiling the album another solid track I found was “Kill on Sight”, with one of the faster drum tracks, with the layered vocals brings the uniqueness of the album out and a much more technical and polished style from their debut EP. Personally, if the album is anything like this track, and you want a non-stop heaviness you will be pleased.

You can catch Planet Eater this summer once again at Loud as Hell Fest (August 5), along side bands such as Battlecross, Agression, Black Wizard and Eye of Horous, as well as their hometown show on July 28th. Or else the official release on August 4th.

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