Review – Raveen

Album: Always
Release date:  July 28, 2017
Genre: Electro-acoustic

An electronic three-piece consisting of Eric Seguin, Stokely Diamantis, and Peter Colantonio, Raveen is a crossroads of electric and acoustic music traditions. A combination of homegrown songwriting and augmented sound design, their album Always is saturated in inspiration from jazz, pop, and R&B. The result? A wholly unique and wholly catchy album that is more of an experience than it is just a track list.

Vocals dripping with honey, slow-swaying cadences, toe-tapping drumbeats—early-album track, “What You’re Looking For”, has it all. Alluring in its arrangement, “What You’re Looking For” is a genre-bending track that intrigues without veering too far off the beaten path, drawing in both music veterans and casual listeners alike.

The closing song on the album, “Begin”, burrows into its R&B roots, its silky harmonies and earworm chorus easily weaseling its way into the listener’s memory. Daring, sexy, and somehow melancholic, “Begin” slowly undresses during its duration, a raw and diamond-bright example of good songwriting.

Expressive, profound, and hauntingly captivating, Always combines the best of genuine musical talent with tracks that should be soaring to #1 on Canadian charts—and you’d be a fool for missing out.

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